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If we proceed with your request, your eProfile account will be terminated. When we do this, if you have opted into direct deposit you will be placed back on cheque reimbursement for your claims. As well, if you were on direct deposit the only place where there is a history of your claims with explanation of benefits is within your eProfile account and therefore you will not have a record of your past claims history going forward. In addition to the above, ClaimSecure takes the privacy of our data very seriously and identified below are our privacy practices:
  • ClaimSecure does not share any Personal Information (PI) or Personal Health Information (PHI) with anyone unless written authorization is provided by the member or information is requested by a court of law.
  • ClaimSecure is PIPEDA compliant and complies with all applicable federal and provincial privacy laws. We respect and have integrated the 10 Fair Information Principles into our business operations: Accountability, Identifying Purpose, Consent, Limiting Collection, Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention, Accuracy, Safeguards, Openness, Individual Access and Challenging Compliance. We handle personal information, including personal health information, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Our employees are subject to mandatory privacy training on an annual basis. We have Standard Operating Procedures in place to ensure compliance with privacy laws. We are supported by our parent company, Canada Life, Privacy & Compliance Office. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found on our website at
  • Everything confidential is stored in our system in a secured and encrypted format. Transactions are all part of the audit trails that must be kept for several reasons, including government tax inquires, possible court orders and client invoice reconciliation. Aggregate data (that contains no PI or PHI) can be used for analytic purposes i.e. to complete trending analysis.
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